Sophie's Unique AI covers all economical actors from individuals to big financial institutions. But especially Sophie's financial models and platform technologies best fits for SME's and individuals looking for smart money.Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises. Typical Financial Institutions are not smart, agile and only focuses what you have already. On the other hand Sophie understands entities' distinctive social-economical position in their trust network.

Better Financial Services

World Needs a better banking system. Many Individuals and SME’s can not Access Financial Services, Core of the Problem is the Typical Banking Itself. Banks are not built to serve you better they are here just to protect assets of people who already have some.

Key of Finance

Sophie platform is about making banking more accessible to masses, acknowledges access to financing is key to growth and human flourishing. Wishes to remove outdated banks out of the way of banking as a service.

Credit GAP

The Credit GAP for Micro, Small, Medium-Size Enterprises in the Developing World is $2.1 trillion to $2.5 trillion Of the Estimated 365 million to 445 million formal/informal SME's, %70 do not use external financing although they are in need of it.

1 Understands

Sophie understands with a state of art rating and scoring system Sophie looks to past with a different perspective

2 Active and Agile

Sophie is Active and Agile. Forget about paperwork, Sophie does not need anything more than what you paid for to whom.

3 Learns

Sophie's deep-learning mechanism can predict the financial behaviour of actors recognizing them as a part of a who

4 Shares & Cares

Sophie is goal oriented financial distribution platform whereincreasing the eco-friendly enterprises or encouraging energy savings.

Why We Need a New Banking System?


as a Governed Financial Services Delivery Platform

Distribution Chain


Growth by relation/referring mechanism decreases operational efforts for tracking, scoring, data gathering and governance.

Fraud Resilience


Sophie natively creates resilience against money laundry and fraud by forming up a high-non-cash funding mechanism.

Financial Crime Awareness


Sophie’s centralized flow control, data source, and single entry point for case management systems enables an SME oriented holistic view for monitoring

Risk Mitigation & Sustainability

Sophie controls the speed of financing and reconstructs collections depending on transaction flow itself resulting a low risk and sustainable revenue.

Goal Oriented Financing

AI runs fastest and highest revenue cycle by default, however Sophie can empower other behaviors such as funding low-foot-print SMEs in an agriculture chain.


Legalization Encouragement

Platform encourages legalization by rewarding SMEs as they expose their trust chain and business data with additional revenue streams as delegate financial institution hubs.

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